Because we are food for worms lads..

“Dead Poets Society” is one of the important films that changed the lives of most people after watching. A great criticism and cynical rebellion against to system.

Come my friends,

It is not too late to seek a newer world…

for my purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset…

and though we are not now that strength which in old days

Moved earth and heaven,

That which we are, we are; one equal temper of heroic hearts,

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield!

— Alfred Lord…

Communication is essentially a tool that depends on culture. However, not every rule can be applied everywhere.

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However, 12 dynamics of communication are universal, which are a must for healthy communication wherever you go around the world. Assuming that people from very different cultures will probably read this article, if you come across an item that is not included in your culture, you can open this article for discussion by stating it in the comments.

Now let’s take a look at these 12 principles and their contents.

1) First Impression;

90% of the first impression occurs in 90 Seconds. Therefore, we can regretfully say that our appearance is one step ahead of us. …

We all have understood by experience that there are not only positive things in our lives.

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We all know that every step that will carry us forward has a price. However, while the price paid by some is very low, the price that others pay to take the same step can be disastrous.

Here in this article, I will tell you what the steps I have taken to go forward took from me and where I made mistakes.

Not to say no!

Perhaps “not to say no” caused the hardest, most exhausting times of my life. I say “not to…

Let’s talk about the great advantages of working with an entrepreneur…

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One of the things I wanted most was to have my own company, which still is. What made me realize exactly what I wanted was working directly with an entrepreneur for about two and a half years.

So why you should work with an entrepreneur?

My former bosses were at the head of an e-commerce site, where they founded at very young age, which grew with high momentum, got investments, and became the leader of the industry while challenging the companies which have substantial financial power. …

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There is a fact in our lives called the excitement of shopping, the happiness it brings. Of course, the subsequent desire to purchase more. So why do we want to buy more? Here in this article, I will be scribble on the “Diderot Effect”, which exactly focuses on this.

I came across Diderot’s story in a video on Youtube. When I listened to his story and discerned that it was a part of what I was doing, I began to turn it into a real-life example.

I am working in the marketing department at a company, and there’s nothing more…

Man In a Red Turban by Jan Van Eyck - Gaia

Down syndrome is the most common intellectual disability in the world..

This is a genetic syndrome that may occur in one of 1000 live-born babies. In humans, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in the nucleus of each cell. In Down syndrome, the 21st chromosome is triple, not double. So the total number of chromosomes is 47.

Nowadays, individuals with Down Syndrome can lead a comfortable and healthy life and can easily integrate into the society with the intense interest of families, the support of non-governmental organizations, close health follow-up, good educational opportunities and environmental support. …

Please be aware of this threat before it is too late!

By BrunildaPali via Twitter

Nowadays, some diseases have become widespread due to some human activities or changes in life style. There is a significant increase in the number of people who have died due to illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack and many others. However, it is possible to protect yourself from these diseases with some precautions such as sport, eating a balanced and healthy diet.

Occasionally, arises some outbreaks that threaten the masses. Avian flu, swine flu, etc. outbreaks have also caused serious problems to human beings. …

Relationship between reading and social degeneration

Source: Timable

How humanity has changed like that? What happened to good people? Why is it so difficult to be just a good person? What we have done wrong or less?

This is not a situation that occurs suddenly. The distortions have increased step by step and reached this level. We released ourselves to the arms of time and it made us dizzy. Therefore we couldn’t see any problems in the society life. Few people understand the importance of the merits that distortions day by day, but they have no power to stop this. Many of us are blind, deaf and dumb…

Have you ever queried yourself? What are your responsibilities, your duties, what you should do and what you shouldn’t and how you actually live.

I do not remember when I first asked myself these questions, however, there is no single day that I didn’t think about these questions in the last few years.

I have a lot of friends who share my thoughts and maybe there are millions of people around the world like us. I think, getting more conscious of mankind day after day cause this situation.

The common feature of most of us is that we continue our…

Ali Kurtulmus

A realist but also a struggling writer. I’m writing for a better life. MSc in Data Analytics and Management. Store Merchandiser at LC Waikiki.

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