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Ali Kurtulmus
4 min readJul 23, 2022

I know it is a belated action that write an “About me” essay after 4 years and 16 essays. But there is nothing to do if this topic is so popular now. Just roll up my sleeves and start writing. I will thank my followers by tagging hundreds of people in my next post. After all, it is necessary to follow fashion and not stay behind.

Well, I actually gave some hints about myself in the first paragraph. I am an ordinary person who is disgusted with the order of this world but cannot help being a part of it, who has willpower only when angry or newly motivated, and who is a passionate disciple of his gluttonous self under normal circumstances.

Of course, I have some unique features like everyone else. I always dream inside myself, but I never expect anything from anyone. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want help from anyone. On the contrary, I know the importance of helping each other very well, I ask for help when I need it, and if necessary, I try to reach the help requested me as much as I can. However, I don’t expect anything to avoid disappointment.

Sometimes I am idle for days and have no regrets, but sometimes I cannot do anything for hours because of my sadness for the two wasted hours.

My political views have changed so much in the last 5 years that I don’t like to talk about politics because I don’t know what will happen and what I feel for them in the next 5 years. I just know that I don’t trust politicians.

Even though I feel very mature sometimes, when I start thinking about myself in quiet times, I start to question my maturity when I realize that I still have some ideas that are not constant. Maybe what I really need to question is whether what we call maturation is about ideas starting to be constant.

I am always in a state of internal conflict. Sometimes I want to do extraordinary things, and sometimes I want to have a quiet life with my family in a remote corner. I experience these internal conflicts on many other issues. If you see any inconsistency in my posts, know that it was caused by conflicts.

I feel freed from the weight my thoughts create in my head when I write. I read a novel or write my thoughts in a notebook for headaches caused by stress.

I listen to my friends’ troubles, but I don’t like to spread sadness to people by telling them about my troubles. All my troubles are locked in papers (or pc).



Ali Kurtulmus

A realist writer. I’m writing for a better life. MSc in Data Analytics and Management. Store Merchandiser at LC Waikiki.