An interview with ChatGPT about world income inequality.

I was very surprised when I talked with an AI program about a sociological topic.

Ali Kurtulmus
9 min readMar 7, 2023
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I decided to do an interview with an AI program “ChatGPT”. I saw a lot of uses of ChatGPT (especially for programmers) but I wanted to see its potential for using sociological areas. I will do many interviews with ChatGPT and I started with my most interesting topic, “World Income Inequality”. Here is what ChatGPT thinks about income inequality and how it can be reduced.

Note: I didn’t change anything about the ChatGPT answers.

Tell me about world income inequality.

World income inequality refers to the unequal distribution of income among individuals or households in different countries around the world. Income inequality can be measured in various ways, including the Gini coefficient, which is a statistical measure of inequality that ranges from 0 (perfect equality, where everyone has the same income) to 1 (perfect inequality, where one person has all the income).

Income inequality has been a persistent issue globally, and while there have been some improvements over time, it remains a significant challenge. According to the World Inequality Database, the top 1% of the global population…



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